V380 App Reviews

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1 hour trying setting and nothing

Imposible connect the camera with an iPhone!

Pretty good app

This App has all the features you need to monitor and record video. I have my camera on my front porch and record all the time to track packages that are delivered and left and visitors when they come to the door. It also tracks a video of my neighborhood as well with sound. I can hear people talking outside. I do have one problem with the video and recording. It is slow about downloading and the sound pops and snaps a lot from something. Also the need for a usb power to run the camera is very difficult to manage getting power where you need it. But for the price it is wonder device. I may order another one. I wished there was an outside POE version!!!

How do you make it record video

The app does not work properly

Messages arent send.

Cant use my camera

Keeps telling me to set device password and when I do it wont set.

The app does not work properly

It doesnt record.

Love app but....

Need to be able to delete message pictures and playback videos.

Mise à jours no alarm

No alarm (bug)(bug)(bug) the last update


You stupid people have totally disabled my camera

no alarm images

cant see alarm images after latest update. now can only see live video. makes the camera pretty useless for my needs.

Not good

This thing will not connect


Since the new app upgrade there are issues logging in to see camera


I worked fine for a short time, then out of the blue said my password was incorrect. I reset and tried several times to reconnect with no luck. Its like it is being controlled by someone else. Shady.


This Company is a SCAM! They sell seemingly real cameras to unknowing customers and they are just camera shells with lights and a pre-recorded message that seems like it is connecting to your wifi but in reality its all a big fake hoax! I reviewed the actual model and the actual model had blue lighting and an antenna behind it. This model is almost convincing until you see the LAN port and the Memory Card Port are labeled but not there and just plastic!

Worked in old apt but now just junk. Dont waste your money.

Worked in old apt but, since I move to a better apt with better internet. It wont work. Dont waste your money on this junk. Three cameras are junk since the last update. What ever the developer did this time is bad.


Will not connect. No way, no how.

App is garbage

Will not connect in any mode. If I could take away stars for the rating I would. -3 stars

Connection was simple

Pretty simple to connect was able to do it right away love it

No connect

Impossible connect the camera. I have try but didnt work.


I did the latest update AGAIN and it wont work yet again and nobody has even helped me since the last time I did a review back in September of 2016?!?! Help!!!!!!

Delete this App

Worthless and a security risk to activate this app. Any app that requires you to divulge your WiFi password raises a flag. No one needs this information but you. This allows someone from China to access your network and your personal devices!

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