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8/01/2017 send my photo

plz my photo 08-01-2017 to went this v380 camra


Tout est en chinois, pas moyen de mettre en anglais....

En colère

Toutes est en chinois impossible de pouvoir le paramétrer, donc inutile achat

Schlechte App + schlechte Kamera

Die App sieht aus als hätte ein Praktikant zum ersten mal eine App entwickelt. Die zugehörige Kamera hat wie auch die App eine miserable Qualität.

Sometimes it works

Sometimes it works....sometimes it dosnt works. Just now it dosnt works! The App is killed???!


At least, it must be written in English. 至少,它必须用英文写的。

Yeni versiyonda problem

Selamlar, Iphone uygulamasında en son versiyonu yükledim Ses gelmiyor, yükseltme yapmayın sakın

perfect but...

app has perfect upgrades

It is bad

learn how rtsp link? add the Russian language. Became friends with the camera ivideon service.


Please, app for russian language

Iphone 6s

Программа с ошибками. 1.Не работает функция памяти положения камеры. 2. Не всегда срабатывает тревога. 3. Не правильные направления стрелок для перемещения камеры. Надеюсь разработчики быстро устранят проблемы. Спасибо. --- The program correctly. 1. Not working memory function of camera position. 2. Do not always alarm is triggered. 3. Not the right direction arrows to move the camera. I hope the developers fix problems quickly. Thank you.

Non funziona

Sul mio iphone4 versione iOS 7.1.2 il programma non funziona si chiude da solo!! Con la versione software precedente funzionava tutto bene!

Good one

I think its very good client app if you realize that its ordinary quality camera

Make a voice hearing option only to save battery

Would you make a version that i can play the program in background so i can hear the voices from the camera without battery consumption very fast with video play

Bad version

This version is not working on Ipad 1 softwer 5.1.1

Garbage app. Garbage product.

Absolutely useless. App doesnt work. Camera doesnt have an image.


It was working fine until they updated the app with so called bug fixes. Now everything is in Chinese and you dont now what youre doing!! Crap!!! Sending the cameras back. Thank God for amazons return policy.

Cannot turn

I can no longer turn the camera


I did the most recent update and no it wont even work at all????

Internet service

Will not work with 5g service and thats what Charter offer

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