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The App is great better than more expensive ones

I purchased many cameras from China and downloaded this app to control them. The app is great and up to date. It support Bluetooth and setup is easy. Much better than high end cameras that cost 5 times the price and still crapy app like the SwannEye HD. The only issue I have is that after the latest update something happened and caused the connection over WAN to have issues with logging in and conflicting with the SwannEYE HD app. I must login to SeannEye first in order for the V380 to connect to my cameras over WAN. For this I will take one star off. Please update the app with a fix.


The cameras didnt work!!! I cant connect my cameras with this app. Fuckinfraud company!!! Dont buy anything from this chineseassholes!


Dopo lultimo aggiornamento non si vedono i file registrati

Prb update

After update done on my pad the software no longer wants to work, but on my phone it still is ok, the 2 machines are under the same iOS ( last one ).




I purchased a wifi camera from Wish and was directed to this app to download. Upon attempts to get it setup, I experienced multiple security issues before and after connection. #1. You cannot change default security settings on the camera. All you get is a "no network connection" error although I am clearly connected. This alone created a red flag because if you cannot do that then pretty much anyone can access your camera and use it for various malicious engagements (including from the makers of the cameras). So after attempting multiple times and various troubleshooting techniques eventually I was blocked from my own secure network. My password on my home router was changed and the attacker was attempting to do a distributed denial of service or just the denial of service when my network. I am mediately disconnected the network and try to reconnect shortly after but I was not able to remotely log into my browser from the network I kept getting kicked off. So finally I unplugged the router reset everything back to the default settings, connected via ethernet (before I Wi-Fi connection could be established) I immediately had to change my network name and password. So here I am now I am able to login to my router. After reviewing all of my firewall logs, system logs, event logs there was tons of intrusions detected. I am suggestion that Apple remove this application and any other application from the developer. I also recommend that no one purchases any security cameras that are connected to this developer. Yes, I am an IT security so when I recognized a lot of these things I know exactly what to do. However, there are some people that is not versed in security related issues. This could have easily been set up and used by unsuspecting person. So much more damage could have been done. The attackers could have used the walkie-talkie enable camera to listen and to spy on your entire household inviting all of your privacy. They couldve also used it as a way to access your network and compromise other devices. They could have also used it as a launchpad for distributed denial of service and many other things.


App Works Perfect - now.


Please update this app so that it runs smoothly. There are a tons of things this app struggles to do and they are just the basics. These apps can really help save someones life and even help someone out for the good. How about updating this please. Thanks.

Very bad! Nul

Dont work! Dont buy it

No sirve

Nunca lo puedes conectar con. El wifi no pierdan su dinero



It is bad

learn how rtsp link? Became friends with the camera ivideon service. there is this company in ivideon. very bad.

So many bugs and images stream only 5 sec

Im using this app with a cloud camera. The video stops working every 5 seconds. Please add a bandwidth meter and correct the bugs.


Its not what it is advertised as! Quality is trash! The camera is not even recognizable! Would love a refund!

Raw app

It could be better. Pleas add Time lapse recording and fix cam motion cursors, all inverted.

Need multiple view feature

We have to close each camera view if wanna view other camera. Ill give five star if the developer add multiple view feature for next update

8/01/2017 send my photo

plz my photo 08-01-2017 to went this v380 camra

Works good

Cant seem to get to work out side net work for remote viewing but when on same wifi works mint

App will not find AP to connect to Wifi

V380 app will not find Access Point to connect to network. Camera doesnt work just keeps waiting for wifi configuration. You get what you pay for.

Had this app.

When I ordered my A-ZONE Camera I was really excited because it said It had night vision and talk through.when it arrived and I opened the box it says scan barcode for app I did so and it says this website does not exist,which left me stuck until I looked up on YouTube to see if someone got a correct link and luckily someone did I got the app and it said sign in I obviously didnt have a account yet so I tried to create one, I entered my email along with password it said success i checked my emails and nothing showed up I refreshed it hundreds of times, still noticed then I went back to the app and tried the phone number option also didnt work I used demo and eventually connected my camera(still not sure if it is secure)all in all Im going to return this product. Thats what you get for buying from China.Bye a amcrest they are American and make Better products"note I dont work there I just bought there camera and it actually works.

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